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Experimental Learning
Master different tech stacks with Experiential Learning
Discover a new way to learn technologies with our experiential learning approach. Say goodbye to boring lectures and textbooks and hello to hands-on experience with various tech stacks. This way of learning gives you a competitive edge which makes you industry ready.
Learn By Doing
Project Based Learning
Product Mindset
Practice Learning
School Program
Empowering School Students with coding pandas
Unleash Your Potential with Early Coding Mastery. Join School Students on a Journey to Excellence with Coding Pandas - Sharpening Analytical Skills and Shaping Future Coding Legends.
Bridge Gap between you and your
dream job
Learn and Practice while upgrading your portfolio. Upgrade your skill-set to attract recruiters and get your dream job. Continue learning and Unbound yourself.
Your portfolio looks great!
I’ve an offer for you!!!
Hiring the perfect candidate simplified
Streamline your hiring process with Floxus. Find Verified, Portfolio-Backed Candidates that perfectly meet your organizational requirements and say Goodbye to Endless Searching.
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Not to sound cocky, but our approach to problem-solving
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